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I want you to succeed in Becoming a Princess Tea Party Business Owner, and am here to help. For a limited time only, a Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation is included within 30 days of Become a Princess Tea Party Business Owner e book purchase. This offer may be discontinued at any time.

To help build momentum and confidence after your purchase of a Business in a Box or Become a Princess Tea Party Business Owner e-book, here are additional services from Lisa Rose that will TRAIN, SUPPORT, MOTIVATE and help you PLAN for your new business:

Menu of Consultation Services

Business Plan Review and Fine Tune

Review and “Fine Tune” your existing business plan. I'll provide written comments and recommendations on the target market, start- up budget, space selection, decoration and outfitting, initial marketing program, sensible advertising strategy and budgets, social media utilization, and furniture, fixtures, and costume inventory. The Business Plan Fine Tune is designed to refine your existing plan, but not intended as business plan preparation.

Review and Fine Tune of Individual Parts of Your Business Plan

1. Marketing and Promotions

A review of the Marketing and Advertising component of your business plan with recommendations and ideas to best utilize your advertising dollars and social media focus. I will assist you in targeting and reaching your market, and recommend ways to build a healthy social media presence.

2. Selecting and Outfitting Your Space

Help in evaluating potential retail space(s) you have chosen in terms of location, size, and floor plan. Also recommend ideas for outfitting and decorating your space, room functionality, and placement of furniture, fixtures, costumes, and party activity stations. In order for us to provide the most useful feed- back, you will need to supply specifics on the space you are contemplating, target clientele, and venue themes you are considering .

3. Princess Party Business Operations

Recommendations on specific ways to optimize your parties in terms of scheduling, hosting, service, guest count, up selling of items such as invitations, parent food platters, cost control and cost reduction, effective supply shopping, party preparation, and more.

4. Supplemental Income Streams

Specifics on ways to add supplemental income streams in compliment to your core Princess Party business. If you already have ideas on additional revenue producing services, I will review and comment on your plans.

Coaching services are handled by Skype, telephone calls, emails, written reports.

All fees are based on an hourly rate of $75.00 an hour with a 2 hour Minimum

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