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Do you dream of starting your own part-time business to bring in additional income? Work with young children to help prepare them to participate in the classroom and in social situations by teaching appropriate rules of behavior. Children’s Etiquette training is a business which can be started very quickly and requires no elaborate facilities or extensive start-up preparation. It can be operated as a home based business, from a sublet retail space, and by bringing your service to customers such as schools and community organizations. It is also ideal as a complimentary service for an existing related business to provide strong supplemental income.

This guide is an instructor’s handbook and everything you need to know to conduct your class sessions. Manners are Cool is an interactive approach, easily taught to children in groups, and parents readily understand what their children are learning. After initial marketing and advertising efforts the business will generate a substantial amount of referral customers.

Children’s Etiquette and Social Skills training is a highly sought after service which is rewarding both financially and in personal satisfaction. Busy parents understand the importance of imparting good manners at an early age, however, in today’s hyper busy environment they often do not have the time to teach a child themselves. From the child’s perspective, good manners and appropriate behavior brings more friends, more invitations to playgroups, birthday parties, and social acceptance on the playground and in school. With intense competition from TV, the Internet, and the influence of other children in school, parents are seeking help in the effort to put their children on the right track to avoid negative social experiences such as bullying.

The “Manners are Cool” Guide is geared to younger children, ages 6 and up, focusing on the basic building blocks of appropriate behavior in social situations. The Manners are Cool approach sets itself apart by being interactive and fun for children in this age group as they learn by doing. In becoming a Children’s Etiquette teacher, your business can be marketed to private customers, public and private schools, home school organizations, religious and other community groups, scout troops, plus the potential to partner with related retail and non-profit businesses and more. The Manners are Cool course teaches topics of vital importance to young children. It covers not only good manners but also core values and ethics. The instruction handbook is organized as follows:

*Why Manners are Important
*How to Address the Teacher
*First Impressions
*Introductions and Greetings
*Table Manners
*Body Language
*Social Interaction
*Kindness toward Others
*Thank you Notes, and More

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